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travelhelix: 6-Month Update from DnA

Crazy to think that it’s been 6 months since the launch of travelhelix. It’s been an incredible, whirlwind adventure and we are pumped about the ground we’ve covered.

But we’ll give it to you straight: it’s also been a humbling experience. Most of what we’re doing, we’re figuring out as we go along. Every day that goes by, we learn more and more…about how much we have to learn.

Still, we’ve never been more excited or grateful to get up and go to work every morning.


So, what have we been up to?

Here’s a snapshot of what’s gone down in the life of DnA since getting this baby off the ground in late January:

Lake Tahoe Incline Village
Hammock break! A couple days before launch. Brought to you by D and this cute dog in Incline Village, Nevada.

Painting the town red (and the river green)

D + friends took the Windy City by storm! Chicago during St. Patrick’s Day = a weekend to remember.

Chicago St. Patrick's Day
Chicago River, St. Patty’s Day.

Feeding goats in Boulder for D’s sister’s birthday

When it comes to sisters, Evi is the G.O.A.T.

D&E at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy.

Celebrating another birthday with friends in Napa

A wild D frolics through a field of golden poppies.

Exploring a new frontier out West

Adam’s Aunt showed us an amazing time in beautiful Idaho (love you Auntie!).

Shoshone Falls Idaho
The Niagara of the West sure put on a show for us! Shoshone Falls, ID.

Snowshoeing through Grand Teton National Park

Our first trip to Jackson Hole & GTNP was a BLAST! Visiting during the off-season = secluded perfection.

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
Our snowshoe adventure out to (frozen) Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park – look at those mighty fine tetons!

Soaking in the beauty of the world’s first national park

Yellowstone took our breath away. Videos & travel guides coming soon… SO excited!

Opening day of the 2018 summer season, Yellowstone National Park.

Putting Novato on the map

DnA (along with 12,999 other dynamic duos!) applied for the awesome new WOW Air Travel Guide position. Our application: a hip-hop music video travel guide to Adam’s hometown of Novato, CA. We didn’t get the job, but we sure did have a blast putting this one together. Take a 2-minute break and check it out!

“Mining” our own business in Virginia City…twice

Don’t ask. All your questions will be answered…soon.

Virginia City, Nevada & a Warriors win!

Snacking…and more snacking

A brief stop in Santa Barbara (our previous home) to visit family & friends…and grab a few tacos from Shalhoob’s.

Celebrating the Golden State Warriors’ 3rd NBA Championship in 4 years

Beau-mond Green says “Go Dubs!”

I mean… need I say more?

Getting our Hustle on (@ Hustle Con)

One of our favorite e-newsletters, The Hustle, puts on this badass event every year which features startup founders & CEO’s telling the story of how they got it done. We went. It was energizing & inspiring. We’ll be back!

Hustle Con 2018 @ the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA.

Connecting with old friends in LA

Shout-out to the Traveling Dogtor!!!

From UGA to LA…Traveling Dogtor + travelhelix catch up sesh!

Housesitting a very tech-savvy kitty

Jax the cat: IT Director of our LA operation.

Regaining a work-life balance

Now more than ever, we’re making a serious effort to take care of our bodies & minds from a physical, psychological & emotional standpoint. Thanks to daily workouts & meditation sessions, our core strength, mental clarity & productivity levels are all steadily increasing. We’ll be talking more about this in the future as it relates to staying healthy while on the road.

D gettin’ it done!

Celebrating life & love

2 weddings, 2 bachelor/bachelorette parties, and a few engagements later, we’ve been celebrating love with a lot of the people we love!

A rare (but fun!) dapper DnA!

Making the most of our time in beautiful Marin County

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Marin Headlands, CA.



In between all of that, we’ve been spending most of our time on content creation and expanding the site. To date, we’ve published 35 articles & travel guides, and have also gotten our feet wet with some video creation. Here are a few of our favorites:

If one of our stories provokes curiosity or inspires a trip for one of you, then we’ve succeeded. If one of our recommended products makes your life easier, then we’ll chalk that up in the WIN column as well. With every update, we strive to make travelhelix more and more of a resource for the community we’re building.

Did you know that you can now search travel from our site?

Since day 1, our travel guides have been designed to make your trip-planning process smoother. Now, through affiliate partnerships with a few industry-leading platforms, you can search for hotels, flights & rental cars using the search boxes on our site. These new tools will help you find some of the best deals at some of our favorite destinations, and hopefully help turn your inspiration into action. | | Expedia

Questions? Shoot us an email. We’re here for you!


So – what’s next?

Of course, we’ve still got a long way to go. Here’s what you can expect over the next few months:

  1. Destinations: after Slovenia, we’ll move to Greece & Aruba, then switch gears and hit some of our favorite spots in the USA
  2. A dedicated Reviews section (hotels, restaurants, activities etc.)
  3. Some travelhelix guest features in the works (stay tuned!)
  4. More music videos. Many of you have asked, and we’re excited for what’s in store…

To those of you that have reached out to provide feedback or suggestions – thank you, and keep ‘em coming!

Suggestions? Shoot us an email!


We’re getting fired up for our first travel conference in September: TravelCon. Until then, we’ll be in North Carolina for the next couple months, grinding.

Maggie is happy to have D back on the East Coast for a couple months!


To those of you following us on social media — thank you for your support! Those follows and shares mean a lot to us personally, and in this industry, they make a tremendous impact professionally.

Below are are the links to all of our social channels. Check ’em out, and if you like what you see, give ’em a follow. We so appreciate it!

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Finally, we just wanna send our love and gratitude to both of our families. Without your love and support, none of this dream-chasing would be possible. Love you guys…more than you can imagine.

Thanks y’all, and keep on enjoying the ride…




Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know what you think!

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