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Proizd: Croatia’s Uninhabited Island of Love

As Croatia’s allure & popularity grow, so do its summer crowds. Even on an island the size of Korčula, these crowds in July & August can seem impossible to avoid. Fortunately, the locals have carved out a little getaway that is relatively unknown to most tourists: the uninhabited island of Proizd.

Also known as the Island of Love, Proizd is a day-trip destination that offers silence & sanctuary, just a half hour from the west coast of Korčula.

Simplify. Unwind. Disconnect.

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Proizd Croatia


Proizd: know before you go

Proizd is located directly in the middle of 4 of Croatia’s most popular island destinations — Korčula, Vis, Hvar & Brač — although looking at a macro view of the area, you would never know it existed!

Aside from birds, lizards and insects, Proizd is completely uninhabited. The only evidence of man is the main pier, a small restaurant, and scattered signs around the island intended to help guide you to the different beaches.

Practical Proizd info:

  • The westernmost beach on the island (Donji Bili Bok) is a nudist beach.
  • Restauran Proizd is open daily from 12:30 – 16:30. When we visited in 2017, they accepted credit cards.
  • There is one public restroom on the island, located next to the restaurant.
  • Longest possible stay on the island: 8.5 hours (first outbound ferry + last return ferry)
  • Shortest possible stay on the island: 3 hours (last outbound ferry + first return ferry)

what’s that sound?! Proizd is home to many thousands of cicadas, which you’ll hear serenading you from the trees. Somehow, we found peace in the soft, relentless buzzing that served as the island’s soundtrack.


What to pack: Proizd travel essentials

Bring a backpack or beach bag packed with anything you might need for the day. If you’re faced with an emergency, you’ll need to find a good Samaritan with a boat to offer you a ride back to Korčula, or wait for a water taxi to take you. Come prepared!

Here’s a list to get you started:

  1. Bathing suit
  2. Towel
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Snorkel
  5. Food
  6. Drinking water
  7. Waterproof speaker
  8. Portable cooler to keep your food fresh & drinks cold!
  9. Cash (Kuna, not Euros!) to pay for food at the restaurant, just in case!
  10. Any medicine, insect repellent, or bee-sting precautions you may need

bring water shoes! The beaches of Proizd are extremely rocky. Many of these rocks — both in and out of the water — have sharp edges. Play it safe and bring some water shoes to protect your feet.


Getting to Proizd

Private transportation and group excursions to Proizd — like this one or this one — are available. Check online or visit the Tourist Information Center in Vela Luka to explore additional options & pricing.

Most visitors to Proizd take the public water taxi from Vela Luka. Ferry route 823, operated by Muro, picks up and drops off passengers in the southeast corner of Vela Luka harbor, in front of Hotel Korkyra, roughly 2 minutes from the Vela Luka Cultural Center.

The Muro water taxi to Proizd picks up and drops off in front of Hotel Korkyra, in Vela Luka.

Water taxi information:

  • 4 outbound trips (Vela Luka → Proizd) and 3 return trips (Proizd → Vela Luka)
  • Operates 7 days/week from June-September (route does not run in the low season!)
  • Seating is limited! Get there 20 minutes early to secure your seat
  • The roundtrip cost for 1 person is 50 Kuna (roughly $8 or 7€)
  • The ride takes 35 minutes each way

Water taxi timetables (June-September):

Outbound: Vela Luka Proizd

Return: Proizd Vela Luka

Depart Vela Luka

Arrive on Proizd Depart Proizd

Arrive in Vela Luka

10:00 10:35 17:00



11:35 18:00


12:00 12:35 19:00






Exploring the 4 beaches

Upon arrival at the pier, you’ll see this large sign that provides a map of the island. We explored the 4 trails, visited the 4 beaches, and are now going to take you on a visual tour to each of them! We’ll start at beach #1 (far right-hand side of the sign), and work our way left (counterclockwise).

travelhelix tip: the island is small, and our favorite beaches (#2 & #3) were the smallest. Arrive earlier in the day so you can spend more time wandering & exploring before settling down on the beach of your choice.

Walk past the sign, then past Restauran Proizd, and you’ll begin to enter the island’s pine forests. A couple of minutes into your walk, you’ll reach a fork in the road. Beach #1 is located to your right. Beaches #2, #3 and #4 are on your left.

Gorgeous pathways lined with pine trees pave the way to each of the 4 beaches on Proizd.

Beach #1: Batalo

Covered in pine needles nearly all the way out to the water’s edge, Batalo felt more like a campground than a beach. It’s also the largest and — in our experience — most crowded beach on Proizd.

Of the 4 beaches, Batalo is the closest to where you will start and end your day. Come here if someone in your group needs to be within close proximity of the island’s facilities (restaurant and restrooms), or if you’re looking for a child-friendly, family-oriented vibe.

reflections from DnA: from a beauty standpoint, well… the entire ISLAND is breathtaking. But compared to the other 3 BEACHES, Batalo was the least memorable. Our recommendation: check it out if you have time at the end of the day. Otherwise, skip it entirely and check out the other 3.

Approaching Plaža Batalo.
Small landing dock off of Plaža Batalo.
Plaža Batalo is the largest beach on Proizd. Notice the pine needles covering the ground!

Beach #2: Veli Bili Bok

After a 7-minute walk, we found ourselves at the end of the trail overlooking Veli Bili Bok and were immediately awestruck by the crystal clear turquoise water and smooth, round white stones. This beach is much smaller and far more private than Batalo. Overall: our 2nd favorite beach on the island.

We had a feeling this pathway would lead to something spectacular…
The white stones & turquoise waters of Plaža Veli Bili Bok.

Beach #3: Srednji Bili Bok

We have a winner! Srednji Bili Bok became our favorite beach on Proizd, before we even sat down to relax. It’s the smallest and least crowded beach on the island, and offers pristine waters within the calming confines of a tiny natural cove. We spent most of our day here, soaking in sunshine & tranquility, while coexisting with the local lizards darting amongst the rocks.

The intimate cove of Srednji Bili Bok: our favorite beach on Proizd.
Our private corner of the cove! Srednji Bili Bok, Proizd.

Beach #4: Donji Bili Bok

At a distance of half a mile (800 meters) from the pier, the walk out to Donji Bili Bok will be your furthest of the day. If you enjoy peaceful strolls through quiet forests, then the walk alone is well worth it.

#dbehindatree makes her Proizd debut!

The beach itself is similar in feel to that of Batalo (beach #1): large & open as opposed to small & intimate. Upon our arrival, we quickly noticed several small private boats mooring just offshore, and a few nude couples sunbathing.

Donji Bili Bok: the nudist beach of Proizd island.
The end-of-day walk back through the forests of Proizd. Where’s D?


What to do… après Proizd

After your therapeutic day trip to Proizd, let the waves of the Adriatic continue to relax you on the water taxi ride back to Korčula. Once you arrive in Vela Luka, grab a quick shower in your waterfront room at Hotel Korkyra and enjoy the best pizza on the island at Alfa Pizza.

Stunning sunset view from Hotel Korkyra.

Unless it’s Thursday. If it’s Thursday night, there’s really only one place to be in Vela Luka: the center of town, on the main harbor. Why? Because it’s Fishermen’s Night!


If you’re looking for a vacation from your Croatian vacation, Proizd has it all. In reality though, the island really has very little. Perhaps that’s why it has so much to offer the mind, body & soul.




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