How to Beat the Crowds at Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes

Every year, more than 1 million tourists visit Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park, yet at certain times during our visit, we felt completely alone with nature. Much of that had to do with how we planned our trip. Follow this guide, and beat the crowds in one of the world’s most extraordinary aquatic environments.

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Montenegro: A Week of Beauty Unparalleled in The Land of Fairy Tales

In 4 days, we wandered Montenegro’s ancient alleyways, observed incredible wildlife and drank brandy with locals on the shores of remote lakefront villages. This guide offers an active itinerary for those looking to explore Montenegro’s coastline, canyons, saltwater sanctuaries and freshwater escapes.

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How to Tour The Bay of Kotor

Kotor Montenegro

Protected by mountains, blessed by sunshine, and fed by the clear, blue waters of the Adriatic, the Bay of Kotor is the heart & soul of Montenegro. The surrounding coastline includes dense forests, man-made islands, walled cities, humble villages, and one of the world’s most luxurious marinas.

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Lake Skadar: Montenegro’s Freshwater Escape

Lake Skadar Montenegro

Straddling the border of Montenegro & Albania, Lake Skadar is the most impressive lake you’ve never heard of. It’s the largest lake in Southern Europe and Montenegro’s most visited national park. One can easily develop a deep appreciation for Lake Skadar National Park in just a few hours.

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Stunning Sunsets of Montenegro


In Montenegro, sunset is much more than a moment. For us, the passing of day to night became the main event; something we enjoyed from waterfront restaurants, hotel balconies and seaside cliffs; a time of day we looked forward to; an experience we didn’t rush through.

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Food, Fado, Festivals & Getaways: Your Guide to Lisbon

Famous for phenomenal food, Fado and free-spirited festivals, Lisbon offers fun for folks of all ages. This comprehensive guide to Lisbon includes useful info on trip-planning, can’t-miss dining options, sweet summer events and a few gorgeous getaways outside the city.

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8 Landmarks of Lisbon

Lisbon Portugal

From the banks of the Tagus River to the hilltops of the city center, the rich history of Portugal’s capital city is waiting to be told. If there’s one thing that Lisbon’s locals have done well for centuries, it’s to commemorate this history with statues, monuments & parks that live through the ages.

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Palaces, Parks & Pathways of Sintra


For anyone traveling to Lisbon for several days, Sintra offers a brief & beautiful getaway you may be looking for. From ornate palaces & humble stone fortresses to the enchanting forests that connect them, Sintra is an absolute must-visit locale in central Portugal.

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3 Days in Porto: Bridges, Brunches & Wine Caves


Porto offers the perfect mix of culture, cuisine and calorie-burning activities. From the alleyways of the northern hills to the southern wine cellars, a stroll through Porto often seems like a trip back in time.

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Matosinhos: World’s Best Fish?

Matosinhos, Grilled pulpo (octopus) salad.

Many travelers from around the world visit Porto with one thing on their mind: Port wine. We must admit, we were two of those travelers! But did you know that Matosinhos, Porto’s oceanfront neighbor to the northwest, lays claim to having the world’s best fish?

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