About Us


Our story

Danielle (D) was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina (Go Heels!) and graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). She has a passion for dogs, piano and photography.

Adam (A) was born and raised in Novato, California and graduated from the University of Southern California (Fight On!). He has a passion for manatees, hip-hop music and the written word.

We met at work in Santa Barbara, California where we lived from 2014-2017. We’re extremely close with our families. We’re animal enthusiasts. We love sushi. We get silly. We’ve both lived in Spain – at the same time – but didn’t cross paths until two years later.

In our years together, we snuck away from the corporate grind to travel as much as possible, but were always limited to short, one or two-week trips. During one such trip in November 2016, we attended the incredible Aussie-American-Thanksgiving-Wedding celebration of some dear friends in Sydney, Australia.

A week later, we found ourselves atop a hill sitting on a bench watching the sunset on Hamilton Island, in the Whitsundays. Soaking in the beauty of the current moment in this far corner of the world, we began reflecting on the healthy work-life balance we’d observed from our Australian friends: everyone seems to work reasonable hours; everyone seems to travel 6-8 weeks per year; everyone just seems so…happy!

We were inspired to make a change.

In early 2017, we began to pursue a more balanced life, with a greater focus on our shared passions – photography, music, food & adventure – through the platform of travel.


Our mission

Our mission is simple: expose the beauty of other cultures to our family, friends and strangers that have an interest in seeing the world and its people, through our eyes.

  • We’ll share photos
  • We’ll tell you our stories
  • We’ll offer general travel tips
  • We’ll provide detailed travel guides
  • Well drop a music video or 2…
  • …and we WILL keep it real!

What we truly aspire to do, is inspire you: book a flight; buy a train ticket; take a chance; talk to strangers; join a drum circle; have a snack; gain some fresh perspective; follow a dream…or simply open your heart to the beautiful world that’s out there and the people that make every corner of it a special place.

We hope you enjoy following the travelhelix adventures, and we appreciate all of your love, support and feedback! So let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you!