Squaremouth lets you research & compare 93 travel insurance policies from 23 different providers—all in one place. When you secure your policy through Squaremouth, you pay the same price as purchasing directly from the provider, with some added benefits.

Squaremouth helps you overcome many of the biggest hurdles related to travel insurance. In general, shopping for the right policy can be confusing. Even intimidating. And filing a claim? We prefer not to even think about it!

We’ve tested several of the major aggregators, simulating quotes for hypothetical trips, and comparing their functionalities. Ultimately, we find Squaremouth to be the most intuitive and user-friendly. There’s even a “Coronavirus Pandemic” filter, for travelers concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak.

Why Squaremouth? Our top 5 reasons:

  1. Powerful search engine — Compare policies side-by-side and use custom search filters to quickly find the best option for your trip.
  2. Cost conscious — Squaremouth helps you find the least expensive policy with the coverage you need, and charge the same as the providers.
  3. Customer feedback — As you search, use their database of over 85,000 customer reviews for unbiased feedback (both good & bad).
  4. They’ll mediate for you — Every policy comes with a Zero Complaint Guarantee.
  5. Reputable providers only — Every policy is underwritten by a company with an M. Best rating of “Good” or higher.

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Do I pay more to use Squaremouth?

The price of every travel insurance policy sold on Squaremouth is exactly the same as it would be if you bought directly from the provider.

However, by purchasing through Squaremouth, you’re able to compare products across the entire market. Plus, you can rely on their Zero Complaint Guarantee services if you need to file a claim.

Squaremouth Zero Complaint Guarantee

When you purchase a policy through Squaremouth, you have a travel insurance advocate on your side. Squaremouth’s unique Zero Complaint Guarantee is their promise that the travel insurance policy you purchase is from a reputable provider who will handle your claim fairly and honestly.

You still need to file your claim directly with the provider. But if you are unhappy with how your claim is handled, their team of licensed claims adjusters will investigate your case and mediate with the provider on your behalf.

Customer reviews database

For us, customer feedback is huge. Squaremouth’s database includes over 85,000 original, unbiased reviews from their own customers. These reviews include useful information about their experience with their provider, before, during, and after their trip.

For those that filed claims, many of these reviews break down the travel insurance claims process, including what was claimed for, how long the process took, and the result.

Most importantly, Squaremouth publishes all reviews—both positive and negative.

Types of policies available

Search for single-trip policies, annual/multi-trip policies, or group policies for 10 or more people. You can even search specifically for adventure & sports policies, designed for active and adventurous travelers.

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Intuitive search features

Common pitfalls of finding the wrong travel insurance policy include paying for coverage you may not need, or not getting coverage that you actually do need. Squaremouth’s custom search features let you focus only on policies that match your coverage needs. Then, compare them side-by-side to find the right policy at the best price.

POPULAR FILTERS: Trip Interruption, Emergency Medical, Primary Medical

UNIQUE FILTERS: Cruise, Schengen Visa, Coronavirus Pandemic

Before your search: helpful info to have on hand

After you enter some basic info about yourself and your trip, Squaremouth will quickly generate a list of travel insurance policies from different providers. The results include benefits, costs, and other essential information to help inform your decision.

The inputs are pretty standard: where you’re from, where you’re traveling, departure date, return date, etc. If you’re unsure how to answer a question, a short explanatory video can guide you. Quick commentary on two of these fields:

  1. “What is the cost of your trip?” (option of total trip cost or cost per traveler) — With some providers, trip cost is a driver of policy cost. You may have to estimate, but it’s in your best interest to be as accurate as possible. Learn more about estimating trip cost here.
  2. “When did you make your first booking?” — Securing a policy early in the trip-planning process offers some advantages. Time-sensitive benefits include “cancel for any reason (CFAR)” coverage or pre-existing medical condition waivers. Typically, you need to purchase your policy within 20 days of making your initial trip deposit or payment to access these options.

RELEVANT SQUAREMOUTH FILTERS: Cancel For Any Reason, Pre-existing Medical

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Emergency evacuation coverage

Travel insurance treats the cost of medical care abroad separately from the cost of being air-lifted back home. Some policies don’t include emergency evacuation coverage. Others only include partial coverage. For example, they may cover medical transport between facilities but not field rescue (which is costly if it involves a helicopter). Or, they don’t cover evacuations for non-medical events (natural disasters, civil unrest, terrorist attacks). This is something to take a close look at when deciding on a provider.

RELEVANT SQUAREMOUTH FILTERS: Medical Evacuation, Hurricane & Weather, Terrorism

Specialized emergency evacuation memberships

Medical evacuation and transport costs can run anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000 (or more). For that reason, many travelers enroll in memberships with specialized emergency evacuation service providers—like Global Rescue—separate from travel insurance. These memberships cover both emergency transportation & evacuation costs worldwide. And, they cover medical & non-medical reasons. Worth a look if you:

  • Want access to emergency evacuation coverage in your home country
  • Frequently engage in extreme/adventure travel
  • Have serious underlying health issues
  • Travel to remote locations

Note: these specialized memberships complement travel insurance—they do not replace it. For example, they may offer more complete field rescue & emergency evacuation services, but they do not cover your cost of treatment overseas. You’ll still need travel insurance for that.


Not on Squaremouth: World Nomads & Global Rescue.

World Nomads: the company we use

World Nomads travel insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers, with coverage for more than 150 activities as well as emergency medical, lost luggage, trip cancellation and more. Buy at home or while traveling and claim online from anywhere in the world.

Visit this page to learn more about World Nomads.


Disclaimer: We receive a fee when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.


Global Rescue: leader in emergency evacuation coverage

Since 2004, Global Rescue has set the bar as a leading provider of critical life-saving services. With their new Signature Travel Insurance offering, Global Rescue is now a one-stop-shop for worldwide emergency evacuation coverage plus financial protection for all your other travel expenses.

Emergency Evacuation Memberships range from 7 days up to 5 years, with different pricing for individuals, families, students & seniors. Learn more here or enroll on our partner page.

Signature Travel Insurance has 2 plans available, including a time-sensitive “cancel for any reason” option. Learn more here or generate a quote on our partner page.

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Nobody likes researching travel insurance.

Fortunately, Squaremouth can make the process a whole lot easier on you.

For some of the considerations we factor into our own travel insurance decisions, visit this page.

For more background on emergency evacuation coverage, visit this page.

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We wish you peace of mind on all your travel adventures!



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Disclosure: travelhelix belongs to the Squaremouth Travel Partner Program and Global Rescue Partner Program. We do receive compensation if you purchase a travel insurance policy or enroll in an emergency evacuation services membership by clicking via the links on our website. If you’ve found this info useful and plan to purchase a policy, please consider booking through our site—thank you!

Disclaimer: The travel insurance information provided above is a brief summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions of the travel insurance plans described. Coverage may not be available for residents of all countries, states or provinces. Please carefully read your policy wording for a full description of coverage.

Our company is not a licensed financial service provider, and is not certified to sell financial products or offer financial advice. The decision of whether or not to secure coverage is your own, as is the decision of which company to buy from. Should you wish to purchase travel insurance or emergency evacuation coverage via links on our website, such products or services will be governed by terms & conditions solely determined by the providers themselves. It is your responsibility to be fully acquainted with the terms & conditions regarding the use of these products or services prior to, and after, your purchase.

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