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Review of Pietermaai Boutique Hotel | Willemstad, Curaçao

The Pietermaai Boutique Hotel offers modern, spacious accommodation in the heart of Curaçao’s vibrant Pietermaai District. Get an inside look at this elegant, boutique hotel, plus a few dining & nightlife tips in the area.

Search accommodation in Curaçao, and 80% of your results will be within Willemstad and the surrounding area. Well-equipped vacation rentals. Affordable hostels. Glamorous beachfront resorts. Literally hundreds of options. How does one choose?

On Christmas Eve, with no place to stay, we decided to knock on doors. In the process, we discovered a gem.

In this review:

  • Pietermaai Boutique Hotel highlights
  • Intro to the Pietermaai District
  • Breakdown of rooms & amenities
  • Local dining & nightlife tips
  • Several options to book


Pietermaai Boutique Hotel: highlights

There’s a lot to love about this place. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Dine: full kitchenette in every room (stove, cookware, dishes)
  2. Chill: powerful A/C and marble floors to keep things cool
  3. Breathe: enjoy some fresh air on the wrap-around private balcony
  4. Dip: relax in the two swimming pools, next to the Zen garden
  5. Stroll: less than a 10-minute walk to the top Willemstad destinations

Our advice: book now

They’ve only got a handful of rooms & suites. Check availability on:

Booking.com | Hotels.com

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Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Willemstad Curaçao
Christmas Eve sunset on Curaçao | steps away from Pietermaai Boutique Hotel

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Get to know the Pietermaai District

Sadly, many Curaçao visitors don’t get a chance to explore beyond Willemstad. In particular, tourists bound by the schedule of a cruise ship will often stick to the main Otrobanda and Punda quarters. However, those who walk just a few extra blocks east of Punda will discover an underrated highlight of Willemstad: the vibrant Pietermaai District.

Historic Pietermaai features beautiful Dutch-colonial architecture and charming, narrow streets. Plus, the area is only minutes away from many famous Caribbean destinations:

  • Queen Juliana Bridge: tallest bridge in the Caribbean, spanning majestically across St. Anna Bay
  • Queen Emma Bridge: pedestrian pontoon bridge connecting western Otrobanda & eastern Punda
  • Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue: the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the Americas
  • Curaçao’s most iconic landmark: the row of pastel-colored buildings that line the Punda waterfront

Ready to explore? Check out this awesome self-guided walking tour of Willemstad!

Pietermaai Boutique Hotel


Pietermaai Boutique Hotel: rooms & amenities

With no accommodation booked for the night, we slowly worked our way through the Punda quarter. Eventually, we found ourselves in front of the elegant Pietermaai Boutique Hotel.

Somehow, the modern look of the hotel induced flashbacks of living in Santa Monica (circa 2011). Just a few feet from our car, small Caribbean waves crashed against the rocky shore.

Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Willemstad Curaçao
Pietermaai Boutique Hotel | main building on the right, 4 more apartments in the building on the left (ours was on the left!)

Rooms & suites

The Pietermaai Boutique Hotel offers 3 different room types:

  1. Classic: contemporary furnishings | modern rainfall shower bathrooms | separate seating area | queen bed
  2. Deluxe: all the amenities of the Classic room | Italian marble flooring | expanded seating area | king bed
  3. Duplex Suite: elegant split-level suite | king bedroom | separate “grand living room area”
Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Willemstad Curaçao
Pietermaai Boutique Hotel, Deluxe Room | king bed


Again, there’s more to the story, but here are some highlights:

  • Rainfall shower bathrooms
  • Flat-screen, satellite TV’s
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Air-conditioning
  • Pull-out couches
  • Coffee machines
  • Kitchenettes


If you travel with valuables, peace of mind is key. Fortunately, the hotel offers gated entry, gated self-parking and a large safe in every room.

Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Willemstad Curaçao
Pietermaai Boutique Hotel, Deluxe Room | separate living area surrounded by wrap-around balcony
Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Willemstad Curaçao
Pietermaai Boutique Hotel, Deluxe Room | bathroom with rainfall shower


Dining & nightlife in the area

After exploring Curaçao for a week, Nieuwestraat was the coolest street we discovered. Another perk of staying here: you’re right around the corner from this artsy little thoroughfare.

Pietermaai District Willemstad Curacao

Nieuwestraat highlights:

  • Ginger: mouthwatering fusion of Caribbean, Asian & Indian flavors (opens at 5pm every day)
  • Mundo Bizarro: good food, relaxed outdoor seating and live music on Saturdays (breakfast, lunch & dinner available; check hours)
  • Miles’ Jazz Café: funky atmosphere, savvy bartenders & cigars for purchase

tip: access Nieuwestraat in 60 seconds or less by using the alley next to the hotel.

Pietermaai Boutique Hotel
Green arrow indicates pedestrian alley to access Nieuwestraat


Bottom line

After a laid-back week in northern Sabana Westpunt, we can’t imagine a better place to have spent our last 2 days on Curaçao (not to mention, catch up on some much-needed R&R before our latest adventure in Ecuador!).

Are you planning a Curaçao holiday? What are you waiting for?! Lock up your Pietermaai Boutique Hotel room today, using your preferred link below:

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