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Eating in Jackson Hole: Seasonal Tips from Bin22 to Snake River Brew

Eating in Jackson Hole can be a tricky task. Why, might you ask? For starters, options. If you’ve been to Jackson Hole during the summer or winter, you know there are plenty of yummy options to choose from. But if you visit during the offseason, like we did, then your options aren’t nearly as plentiful.

Next, eating in Jackson Hole brings some serious “price vs. quality” considerations. Jackson Hole may be a high-end resort town with art galleries designed to appeal to the luxury traveler, but it’s also a family-friendly vacation destination. Put those 2 pieces of the puzzle together, and there’s a dangerously-high likelihood you’ll find yourself sitting down to some overpriced, sub-par meals.

Now, we can’t guarantee you won’t have any marginal meals while eating in Jackson Hole, but we can give you a couple solid tips that are guaranteed to be delicious, at reasonable prices.

As far as what’s open during the offseason, we knocked on enough closed doors to help point you in the right direction.


Eating in Jackson Hole: highlights for the hungry

Here are our top tips for eating in Jackson Hole, based on our 4-day offseason experience in mid-April:

  1. Bin22: house-pulled mozzarella + in-house bottle shop = our favorite all-around spot, no doubt.
  2. El Abuelito: kid-friendly menu with parent-friendly margaritas @ wallet-friendly prices.
  3. Snake River Brewing: microbrews and mini-golf? We’ll be back for another round of both.
  4. Silver Dollar Bar & Grill: eat dinner elsewhere, then come here for drinks and live music.
  5. Million Dollar Steakhouse: we had heard through the grapevine that they offer too-good-to-be-true $5 steaks during happy hour. Unfortunately, they’re closed in the offseason, so we can neither confirm nor deny.

Keep reading for a bit more info on items 1, 2 and 3…plus one last little offseason bonus that’ll put a smile on your wallet.


Whether you’ve got a taste for tapas or a soft spot for saving a few bucks on booze, Bin22 has got you covered.

We stumbled upon this Jackson gem on our way back from another restaurant. Our curiosity got the best of us, so we popped inside to scout the menu for a potential future meal. Within 2 minutes, we were sampling Wyoming whiskey in the middle of the wine section. In hindsight, we have no idea if the guy pouring worked for the restaurant, or was just a generous patron! Either way, it was enough to bring us back the next night.

Delicious dishes

  • House-pulled mozzarella: this is what they’re famous for. We tried 2 of the 4 options on the menu, and were ready for more (empty plate pictured below)
  • Beef short rib with butternut squash risotto (pictured below; yes, it fell off the bone)

Bargain in a bottle

Right next to the restaurant and bar area, hundreds of bottles of wine are patiently waiting. Grab one to enjoy with dinner at the restaurant, and enjoy paying retail price without a corkage fee or typical restaurant premium: a rare bargain in Jackson Hole.

tipsy tip: invest your savings in another bottle to take back to the hotel room.

Hours of operation

  • The Bin22 bottle shop is open daily 10am-10pm.
  • The restaurant and wine bar are open Monday to Saturday 11:30am-10pm and Sunday 3pm-10pm.

Final verdict: Accurately self-described as Jackson Hole’s premier wine bar, one-stop bottle shop and specialty grocer, Bin22 took the cake as our top restaurant experience in Jackson Hole.

Eating In Jackson Hole Bin 22
Really, not much to say here other than “we forgot to take a picture of the house-pulled mozzarella before we ate all of it…again.”

Don’t let the full plate (below) fool you: we devoured our short ribs before taking a photo…then this happened:

D (to waitress): Do any of your other tables have an order in for the short ribs?

Waitress (slightly confused, yet intrigued): Um, yeah, that couple over there actually.

A: Excellent choice!👌 One question though: when they’re ready, would it be possible to swing the ribs by our table so we could take a pic, before you serve them?

Waitress: Well…no one’s ever asked me that before. But yes. They’ll be out momentarily.

Eating In Jackson Hole Bin 22
Someone else’s short ribs.
Eating In Jackson Hole Bin 22
Bottle shop @ Bin22, Jackson Hole.

El Abuelito

After a 5-mile, 4-hour snowshoe-hike-extravaganza around Taggart Lake in Grand Teton National Park, this oversized margarita-built-for-2 quenched a thirst that water never could. Multiple baskets of fresh homemade chips with homemade salsa helped fill the voids in our stomachs while we waited for our entrees.

Delicious dishes

  • Giant molé enchilada
  • Giant seafood enchilada

Final verdict: If you’re looking for that perfect combination of quantity (large plates), quality (delicious food), value (very reasonably-priced) and family-friendly (may have seen a piñata), El Abuelito is a can’t miss option for eating in Jackson Hole.

Snake River Brewing

Casual, sports bar atmosphere with decent bar food…and some great microbrews. The most memorable was the Trippel Black Diamond.

That night, we had originally set out for Snake River Grill—the sister restaurant of Snake River Brewing—on the other side of town. We had heard good things about the grill, but arrived to a sign that said “closed for the season.” So, we ended up at the brewery somewhat as a consolation, but we’ll chalk it up as a win.

Final verdict: From the microbrews inside to the mini-golf outside, we would head back to Snake River Brewing in a heartbeat.

Eating In Jackson Hole Snake River Brewery
We had a similar handicap.
Eating In Jackson Hole Snake River Brewery
D holding down the fire pit!

Save $ during the offseason

Last but certainly not least, we discovered one awesome perk of visiting Jackson Hole during mid-April. During the offseason, nearly every restaurant in Jackson Hole offered “buy 1, get 1 free” on dinner entrées. That $28 steak is suddenly much more palatable when the $18 elk burger comes free!

Most of the time, this promo was publicized on a sign outside the restaurant, or even sometimes, on the menu. If you don’t see this clearly stated somewhere, ask a staff member before you get too comfortable!

Enjoy eating in Jackson Hole 🙂



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