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Stunning Montenegro Sunsets

Montenegro sunsets are much more than just a few brief moments late each afternoon. During our 4 days in this Adriatic paradise, the passing of day to night became the main event; something we enjoyed from waterfront restaurants, hotel balconies and seaside cliffs; a time of day we looked forward to; an experience we didn’t rush through.

To no surprise, we also found that Montenegro sunsets pair well with good food & refreshing beverages 🙂

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Stunning Montenegro Sunsets

Night 1:  Kotor

After spending our first day exploring the ancient walled city of Kotor, we enjoyed our first Montenegro sunset from the waterfront terrace of Restaurant Galion.

tonight’s pairing: fresh seafood & a bottle of local Plantaže white wine

Night 2: Porto Montenegro

On our second night, we took a short taxi ride from Kotor to Porto Montenegro, home to some of Europe’s most luxurious superyachts. We wandered the harbor for over an hour, admiring the gorgeous vessels set against the backdrop of brilliantly-colored and constantly-changing pastel skies.

tonight’s pairing: a delicious Lebanese dinner at Byblos & some refreshing Hendricks & tonics

Taxi ride from Kotor to Porto Montenegro.

With each passing minute, new colors revealed themselves…

Is this real?!

Montenegro Sunset
Pastel perfection in Porto Montenegro.

Night 3: Sveti Stefan

We soaked in sunset #3 in idyllic Sveti Stefan, less than an hour south of Kotor. Our room at Hotel Adrović was lovely, but it was the private balcony that became our home. We watched the sky transform for over 2 hours, overlooking the tiny, iconic islet that hosts the exclusive Aman resort.

tonight’s pairing: a plate of fresh blackberries & a couple ice cold Nikšićko Pivos

Fresh blackberries – check!
Montenegro Sunset
The serenity of Sveti Stefan.

Night 4: Sveti Stefan

Our 4th and final Montenegro sunset crept up on us as we drove back from an all-day adventure at nearby Lake Skadar. We pulled over to the side of the highway to capture some final minutes of daylight atop a seaside cliff, before returning to our balcony for another pastel photo-shoot.

tonight’s pairing: room service, with some homemade Hendricks & tonics

D on a cliff!
Same cliff, sans D.
Our final sunset in Montenegro.

Sunset progression from our balcony…

One by one, every dark window within the picturesque peninsula became illuminated…as day gave way to night.

Wait… don’t go!
Goodnight, sun 🙁


Ready to explore more of Montenegro?

Within this small corner of the Adriatic, the skies have a way of doing magical things that make the setting sun impossible to take for granted.

Visit Montenegro, and experience this breathtaking beauty firsthand.



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